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This is a simple lottery 539 number generator with different strategies to generate winning numbers. Applicable for the following lotteries: California Fantasy 5, Maryland Bonus Match 5, Michigan Fantasy 5, Missouri Show Me Ca$h, New York Take 5, North Carolina Cash 5, Ohio Rolling Cash 5, Washington Hit 5, (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont) Gimme5, England Thunderball, Taiwan Lotto 5/39, and more. Strategies of this APP: 1. Generates combinations of odd and even numbers of your choice. Choose the pattern that you think may win on the next draw depending on the trend. In 539 lottery, 60% of the winning numbers are odd/even mix, i.e. 2 odd/3 even and 2 even/ 3 odd. 2. Most numbers generated by this app are within combinations of high and low numbers. 1 to 20 would be the low numbers and 21 to 39 are high numbers. Statistically, around 60% of the winning numbers are from mixed of high and low numbers. Pick numbers with these combinations to have more chance to win. 3. Generates 1/4 odd and even or even and odd numbers, choose this pattern if you think that the trend for that pattern will turn out on the next draw. 4. Generates numbers with a total sum between 75 and 125. Statistically, over 70% of winning 539 lottery have sum between 75 and 125.5. Full random options to generate random numbers between the sum of 75 and 125. The numbers can be of any mix of odd and even numbers. 6. More about random number generators: Allows you to specify up to 2 numbers that may be included with the random generated numbers and is useful when 1 or 2 numbers are expected to repeat for the next draw depending on the pattern from the previous draws. This increase your chance on winning the lottery. Allows you to block up to 10 numbers that may be excluded with the random generated numbers. For instance, numbers that have won in the previous draws can be blocked, depending on the trends, and more likely 1 number could repeat on to the next draw and the other 4 can be blocked. This increase your chance on winning the lottery. 7. Seven abbreviated wheels are available in this app. An abbreviated wheel is an economical alternative for a full wheel. Although an abbreviated wheel does not include all possible combinations of the chosen numbers, it still guarantees at least one winning ticket if some of the numbers drawn are within the player's selection of numbers. Please read more about wheeling system from various sources to familiarize yourself how it works. 8. The following wheels are available, 10 numbers wheel, 12 numbers wheel, 14 numbers wheel, 16 numbers wheel, 18 numbers wheel, 20 numbers wheel, and 22 numbers wheel all with 4 guarantees to choose from. Additional note: This APP is not country specific so therefore does not provide historical winning numbers. The user should check the historical winning numbers from known websites in his/her country to decide whether to bet the generated numbers from this APP. Enjoy the APP. Magnate apps.
Operating System Android


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