Hypnotizer 2 HD Illusion & Sound Waves

Hypnotizer 2 is one of the most powerful tools for hypnotizing in the world. The combination of optical illusions and binaural beats creates 100 % illusion effect. Binaural beats are scientifically proved to have an effect on our brains (HEADPHONES REQUIRED) Hypnotizer 2 has innovative features such as: 7 high-quality optical illusion patterns- Easy controls - illusion speed and illusion impulse- Binaural beats - all frequencies (alpha, beta, gamma, delta, theta) The purpose of this app is to entertain and it should be used for good purposes. You can have fun hypnotizing your friends, family, crush, or pets. Success rate depends on your knowledge and experience. Keep learning and practicing, and never stop trying. You might be surprised by the results. DISCLAIMER: If you are under 18 years old, pregnant, suffer from epilepsy or a mental illness PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS APPLICATION. The developer is not liable for any negative consequences from using the Hypnotizer. By downloading this application you are agreeing to accept the disclaimer.
Operating System Android