Atrex Weather Station-003 WS003

YOU NEED TO BUY WATCHMAKER PREMIUM TO USE ON YOUR WATCH. http://goo. gl/FMxUfYThis watch face has a fantastic glow that is almost unparalleled for an ANDROID watch face. TAPPING ACTIONS: TAP 6 O'CLOCK FOR AMBIENT MODES: 1. NORMAL - Ambient mode when inactive2. ALWAYS ON - Always in ambient mode3. OFF - Never ambient modeTAP DATE - Change from Green, Blue or White markers and dim markersTap 9 for 4-step darkness filter. 4th tap goes completely black for quick Theater Mode. Tap center to make hands temporarily disappear - Coding by Ram MorShows current temp and flashes shows todays high and low. Weather shows image of current conditions. Image also slowly moves to create animated effect - Coding by Ram Mor. Weather images by Olaf HabbesTap temperature to refresh weather. (may take a few minutes to refresh) Current Moon phase. Shows sunrise/sunset times, current location. Works on most android wear watches. Huawei, Moto 360, LG G Watch R, Sony Smartwatch 3, Samsung Gear Live, Asus ZenWatch. Supports round display only. DISCLAIMER: This watch has been tested on Samsung Gear using the Watchmaker Gear Companion app. We cannot guarantee that all features will always work as promised despite best efforts. IF you're having issues please contact us and also the Watchmaker Developer before leaving feedback. We will do our best to help solve problem, regardless if it is in our control or not. TIP - Set Gear3 watch to 10fps and maximum ambient brightness to 40% for best experience. Check out other watch faces at:
Operating System Android