Love Calculator Scanner Prank

Do you have doubts about your love? You want to know if he likes that special someone? Are you living a love story? Your relationship is ideal? What is your future? Testing is free application. Love Calculator Scanner is an application that scans your thumbs and measures the compatibility of your names. This love calculator gives you a percentage compatibility analyzing your fingerprints and names. Yes you want a valentine different, do this test. This application is ideal for couples on Valentine's Day. Discover your level of confidence. With scanner love calculator enough to solve your doubts and questions about love. This scanner couples and lovers surprised with the results. Tell your boyfriend or girlfriend to do the test and measure your affinity. Put your thumb on the fingerprint reader Write your namesYou will discover if you are kindred spirits. Try every day with your partner is a daily test. Every day your partner and you will have a new result. Try this scanner also with friends. This game is the best game of love Store, and totally free. This game is for entertainment purposes, it's a joke. Contact: Before voting in the negative, send us your questions or suggestions to be answered as soon as possible.
Operating System Android