RPG NPC Generator PRO

RPG NPC Generator: So many possibilities. Made to help Dungeon Masters with their lack of creativity, RPG NPC Generator helps you with the creation of NPCs for any need. You just told your players about a Dwarven Tavern Patron and don't know who he is? Click that button and give your players a NPC with characteristics, such as personality, spoken languages, sexuality, and much more. RPG NPC Generator let's you generate an infinite (ok, not infinite, but very big) amount of NPCs to use in your RPG Campaigns. We did the math: You can generate around 1.6.10. NPCs. For the lazy: That's HUGE. It's a number with 20 zeroes after it, imagine that. 1.600. 000. 000. 000. 000. 000. 000 possibilities. With the possibility to generate completely bizarre NPCs, and giving an explanation to why he is that way. Have Moon Moon, the Moon, a crazy Dragonborn that doesn't speak any language. Pro version contains no ADs.
Operating System Android