Insight for Dota 2 is a drafting assistant app for Valve's game Dota 2. It uses your match history to organize your hero choices by how well you play each hero against a particular line-up. It also allows you to change views in real time, so you can also use this as a standard counter picker. Features: Uses user matches to suggest counter picks-Adjusts win rate if the sample size is small; in the event of no games, predicts the average win rate. Set skill levels to Normal, High, or Very High to see different recommendations and numbers-Set time periods to last month or since 7.00-Also able to suggest counter picks by using advantage and synergy metrics from dotabuff-Switch between user and community suggestions with the click of a button-Estimates team win percentage and shows team advantage and synergy-Organize suggested heroes by win %, advantage and synergy, advantage, and synergy-Heroes can be searched for by their shortened name (PA will bring up Phantom Assassin for example) -Picks can be filtered by roles: Carry, Support, Offlane, Jungle, Mid, Roaming, Initiator, Pushing, and Disabler. Instructions: Put in your user ID in to the app from the settings menu (available from your Dotabuff or OpenDota profile) -The first list you see is your best heroes overall winrate-Select a hero either by tapping one of the boxes or clicking the button on the bottom menu-Longclick any hero to remove them-The list will update your heroes automatically for you-Select your hero by clicking one of the heroes in the list (click the hero in the line-up to de-select) -See how the overall team stats changeDota 2 is a registered trademark of Valve Corporation. All game images and names are property of Valve Corporation. This app is not affiliated with Valve Corporation.
Operating System Android


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