You need Android Wear device to use this software. If you think that your Android watch is missing some toddler related content, then you are on the right place. Baby Toy for Wear brings a collection of 36 colorful icons on your watch. They are separated in 6 themes: 1. Farm animals 2. Colorful robots 3. Transport 4. Household items 5. Unicorns 6. Musical instrumentsThe parent can speak the names of the icons or make up stories and entertain the baby. How to interact with the board - Swipe left or right to change the icon. Long press to exit. Starting itAfter installing the app on your phone, allow approximately 2 minutes for the app to be pushed to your watch. After two minutes, tap the screen on the watch until the red Google icon with the prompt to "Speak Now" appears. Then, swipe up and scroll down until you see the entry "Start". Tap on it, and scroll the list until you see "Baby Toy".
Operating System Android