VoodVid is the only putlocker. is client on ANY platform, including ios and Android. What's putlocker. is? It's a website that indexes links to movies and TV Shows across the internet. This app delivers a netflix-like experience for that awesome service. You'll love this app, trust me (or the thousands of people who have already downloaded it.) Curent version: v. 2.2.0. 0 - The Big Feature Update: Reloaded (changelog in the "changelog" section of the store listing) Previous updates: v. - The kind of urgent update +New "OPTIONS" menu in the "details" page. This is where you now select the video quality +A default video quality can be chosen in the settings (VoodVid will select the closest quality to the one specified if it's unavailable on a video) +The physical location of the server is now specified in the "OPTIONS" menu (this is actually part of the video version select feature I'm working on) +New subtle animation on the buttons. +Fixed bug preventing the app from re-opening after a crash +Removed many legacy things from the startup routine, making the app more stable (hopefully) +Added terms and conditions to the FAQ +Packages no longer support windows versions below 14393 (Anniversary update), as this was the cause of many bugs. They also now include PDB symbols, for remote debugging. v. 2.1.0. 0 - The bug squashing update v. 2.0. 0 - The rushed update v. 1.8.2 - The small absolutely vital update 2 v. 1.8.1 - Bug fixes, tiny features and more v. 1.8.0 - The Big Feature Update 2: The sequel v. 1.6.0 - The IQ Update v. 1.5.1 - The Small Vital Update v. 1.5.0 - The Big Feature Update v1.0. 0 - First public version.
Operating System Windows 10 Mobile Windows Mobile Windows
System RequirementsAvailable for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile (x86, x64, ARM)