Keep Calm Generator PRO

Now you can print your Keep Calm Poster on a T-Shirt. Keep Calm Generator is the top rated Keep Calm And Carry On Android App. You will be able to modify text, text size and text color. As you could change the text size you should fit any text you want. Here you have the most completed Keep Calm Poster App. You also could change background color or maybe select a image from your smartphone gallery, you also have a collection of perfect preset images to choice. You have three icon collections to set, generic, flags and memes. There are almost 500 icons. You will get some posters really professional made by yourself, and of course you will be able to share it on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, LINE, Twitter, any social media you choice, email, Flipboard, Picasa, flickr, Hangouts, Pinterest and many more.
Operating System Android