Miley smiley the talking face

If Miley flies away and doesn't come back, try disabling "mic blowing" in settings. He will fly away for a long time in noisy environments. Given enough time he'll eventually come back when things quieten down. Miley - the interactive funny conversational sMiley app which talks to you and makes you smile. Miley can have a conversation with you. He's bilingual in English and Japanese depending on the language setting of the phone. Blow into the phone and watch him rollaway and boomerang back. Shake the phone and watch lots of little Miley juniors come to life. Move the phone around or spin Miley's face and watch him roll around. {{ Customizable settings }}- Can make Miley speak your name- Can set Miley's voice to high or low- Can change the background image- Can change Miley's face colour.
Operating System Android