Make hats great again. Hats are making a big comeback in politics and in fashion. Trump Your Hat allows users to create customized red baseball cap stickers in the popular style of Make America Great Again, with any text, without ever having to buy a hat. Whether you are Red, Blue, or any other color this app can help you express yourself. You can style a selfie or a photo of anyone else with a "Make America Great Again" hat or create a hat with your own custom text. How does it work? Trump Your Hat is a photo effects editor. First, take a photo or choose a photo from your gallery. The app allows you to add a red hat sticker to the photo, and then customize it to fit the image. You can add any text - whether it's "Make America Great Again" or "Make Breakfast Good Again" or any other great slogan. Finally you can save to your photo gallery, and share with your friends.
Operating System Android