Fake Call From Princess

Fake Call From Princess is an application for get calling from Princess, selena gomez, justin bieber, donald trump, killer clown, cat, dog, pizza, obama, ariana grande, narendra modi and more. downaload this app for get calling from the best Princess and change the photo Princess for get calling from other celeberty. With this prank you can simulate fake calls from Princess random cute girls. It works like an alarm clock, you just have to set the time you want, chose a name and select if you want vibrator or not. When the time arrives you will receive a fake call from a Princess beauty. You can set all the alarmclocks you desire. Features1. Choose Princess caller number and name Princess from your contacts or enter it manually2. Choose Princess picture from gallery or capture using camera. 3. Choose Princess voice to phone or record it instantly (this voice will be played during call). 4. choose your calling Princess time or enter it manually. 5. select your favorite caller ringtone. 6 - Download Fake Call From Princess and get: Fake Call From Princess - fake call from justin bieber- fake call from cat- fake call from dog - fake call from killer clown- fake call from donald trumpDownlaod Fake Call From Princess for free.
Operating System Android