Product introductionCharacter "Kei Kurei" (Japanese high school girl) of "the programming live broadcasting" (Japanese "Programing NAMA-HOUSOU", for short "PRO-NAMA"). You can move her in a favorite pose. Please enjoy "Pro-NAMA CHAN" only for you. Choose movable bone, and move a pose with a axis slide button. You can operate even one hand if used. Screen center part for horizontal rotate / movement / extended / reduction. Because it becomes hard to use it when I mix a vertical turn, it is taken off. (it functions if I hit on good UI, and do I add it) When you turn it to the vertical direction, you choose anchor Bone among Bone menu (It look like the ground) and turn it. Preset pose: Default pose + 11 kinds. Preset hand pose: 5 poses of hand. Expression: 5 kinds. Bone menu: 21 joints + AnchorHead, Neck, Chest, Abs, HipShoulder, Upper Arm, Forearm, HandThigh, Leg, Foot, Tiptoe. Hip is the center of the model. Anchr is ground. A whole body of "Pro-NAMA CHAN" turns when you move hip or anchor. ResetReturn a camera (rotary / movement / extended / reduction) to the initial position. Return the left leg, the right leg, the left arm, the right arm to the default pose each. The lite version cannot use the following functions. Save. Edit mode (Expression, Hand pose). Change costume. Photographand others. License, instructions. These contents developed and shown under "Pro-NAMA CHAN" guideline. http://pronama. azurewebsites. net/pronama/guideline/. I use the voice of "Kei Kurei" with consent (licensed number: 28). I prohibit the extraction of the voice and the secondary use such as processing it, and showing it. When you download this application, I consider that you consented to this. When you do not consent, please do not download this application. These contents developed and shown under "UNITY-CHAN LICENSE". OthersThere is no indication of the advertisement entirely.
Operating System Android