K-POP Idol Ranking - Fansim

Fansim - Fly your K-POP star into the space with your Fansim. Touch the smartphone screen with your love for the star to collect hearts. Send the hearts to your star and your star's popularity will go up and up into the sky. Make your star the biggest star of the universe and leave your achievement on permanent record. Handy tips for enjoying Fansim 200%. 1. Don't forget to get attendance bonus and sharing bonus every day. You can receive a generous amount of attendance bonus and sharing bonus once a day. The more you play, the more bonus you get. Don't miss the daily opportunity to fly your star to the top. 2. Your achievement will be on permanent record. When your star reaches a goal thanks to your hearts, your achievement will stay on permanent record. All the fans will celebrate your achievement. The earlier you start, the more advantages you have. 3. The flight is in trial - Start now and you will be rewarded for sure. Fansim is currently in trial. Those who register during the trial period and send hearts will receive limited items later. Hope you will like our surprise gift. Many new features will be updated sooner than you think. We will let you know every time.
Operating System Android