Do you love cute little mice? There are numbers of reasons why it's fun to send a little Rat emojis like these emoticons in your text message. Perhaps you weren't crazy about your friend's last message and want to subtlety indicate that something smells. Maybe you just want to add this emoticon's invariable cuteness to your messages. They're tiny little creatures with big personalities, kinda like pocket-sized puppies. Most of all, they're smart, sweet little cuties who love to form a bond with their human. Rat emoji keyboard can be switched on and off under settings. Also you can choose the specific messaging and social apps you want to show a shortcut to the keyboard and the keyboard will show up in any of the chosen messaging apps. We DO NOT collect any personal information that you type. We take our users' privacy extremely seriously. For anyone who is concerned about allowing this app full access to your keyboard, you can simply open the app and share all of the emoji directly from the app itself. You can use this cute little rat symbol as much as you want and you can download it from App. Love sharing Rat Emojis? Then be sure to check out our other fab Animal Emojis.
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