Sourcerer - Spiritual Readings

Sourcerer turns your mobile device into a virtual instrument of divination, presenting a beautifully crafted gold-inlaid device, similar in nature to a compass or astrolabe used in the medieval era by astronomers, navigators, and astrologers. Sourcerer has three primary dials offering access to inner wisdom and guidance on a wide range of topics. Every message has been thoughtfully written to inspire and guide towards a higher purpose. With more than 500 unique messages, Sourcerer is a virtually endless source of wisdom and insight. Sourcerer is accessible to anyone and everyone. The pleasing graphics and music are a welcome break at any point you desire insight or inspiration. These messages are non-dogmatic, free of specific religious reference, and allow their spiritual wisdom to be accessible to all. Anyone who uses Angel Cards, Tarot, or other methods of divination will find Sourcerer a unique and valuable addition to their collection of inspirational reading. Usage: Holding the device in your hand, turn the dials to relate to your inquiry, choosing from 8 possible categories, 8 unique subjects within each, and then one of 8 possible qualities. Or press the 'twirl' button to have a reading synchronistically selected for you. Once the dials have been set, press the blue gem at the center of the device to open the full reading. Each reading has a unique graphic, title and message. With this app you can: Give yourself and others a reading anytime, anywhere. Sourcerer is beautifully crafted with attention to every detail. Soothing meditative music adds to the experience and encourages inner reflection. Share spiritual readings with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Share spiritual readings with friends by email. Save images to your device and share them on Instagram or via text messaging. Meditate on readings to draw forth higher-vibrational spiritual truths from within. A plethora of high-quality messages assures that Sourcerer will continue to offer new insights for a long time to come. See our video on YouTube:
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