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Add some fun to the mix. NC COMIX. Enjoy the tales of characters from NCSOFT games such as Lineage, Blade & Soul, AION, MXM and more. New stories hitherto unseen in the gamesVisit us to discover the sad tale of cold-blooded Jin So Yun, the hidden tale of High Daeva, and the adventures of MXM masters. Check out our daily webtoon updates at NC COMIX. Key features[ Share ] You can share webtoons via SNS or Messenger. Double the fun by sharing with friends. [ Swipe up] Upon finishing an episode, swipe up and advance to the next episode. To continue viewing all episodes without stopping, just keep swiping up. [ Search ] Search webtoons by title or character name. Type in your favorite character name to find the webtoon. [ Recommended for you ] Upon viewing all episodes, other webtoons are suggested to help you choose your next webtoon. NC COMIX websites. KOR: ENG:
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