New to podcasts and not sure where to start? Maybe you listened to Serial and want to expand your listening. Are you an old-school podcast listener looking for new suggestions? RadioPublic is a podcast app that can help. Infinite choice is overwhelming. Walk down the aisle of your grocery store and you'll see 42 different olive oils. Boom. Your head explodes. Which one should you buy? There are 84 different rice options? C'mon. There are 250, 000 podcasts and more than 15 million episodes. Talk about overwhelming. How do you even know where to start. I don't want an endless list of possible things to hear, I need a smart, thoughtful, curated list tailored just for me. With Radio Public you'll find podcast playlists like: "Essential episodes", "Short episodes for your commute", "The best interview episodes from 2016" and "Fresh episodes from this week". These hand-picked, curated playlists from tastemakers, industry experts and interesting people are created to help you discover and start listening to the best stuff. Start listening and we. magically. figure out what to play next, starting a personalized radio station from the shows, playlists and people you follow. No need to rummage around in your bag or pocket, fumbling for your phone, dropping it and cracking the screen when trying to pick something new. Does it sound like I might speak from experience? I do. Also, just to be clear magic isn't real. That would be terrifying. Playlists are a great way to discover podcasts, but how do we make it simple to hear new episodes from shows you already follow? Radio Public scans all the shows and playlists you follow, looking for new episodes and uses our proprietary algorithm and your listening behavior to highlight episodes. Looking for more personal listening suggestions? Try the Radio Public Podcast Librarian. Yep, a real person who helps figure out what you might enjoy. Finally, do you already listen to podcasts in another app? We did too, before we built Radio Public. Search for the shows you already love and quickly start listening. With 250, 000+ podcasts available I'm pretty sure we have the show you want. You can also import your existing subscriptions from other apps like Apple Podcast, Overcast and Pocket Casts. We also support private premium podcast subscriptions like you might get from a podcaster using Patreon. Oh, this is a bit random, but if someone asks you "What is a podcast? " remind them that it is "podcast" not "pod cast" or "pod casts".
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