Twinkle little star (Free)

Moving. Jajajajan Series are educational apps that let's children and grownups dance and sing along to animated stories and songs from around the world. [Song Title]Twinkle twinkle little starFrench nursery rhyme[Translator of Song]Etsuko Bushika / Aimee Blackschleger[Arranger]Naoki Tamura[Vocal]Mio Isayama / Jennifer Skidmore[Choreographer]Ayumi OnzoLearn, Play and Dance. This educational apps designed especially for families, bring nursery rhymes and songs right to your mobile device. Step into Prince Jajaja's whimsical kingdom and meet a charming cast of characters that help children learn to communicate, practice basic motor skills, and foster curiosity. Sing and Dance Sing and dance along with animated children's songs from around the world. All songs are performed in English and feature unique musical arrangements, with fun dance moves that young kids can easily learn. Recommended for enhancing communication skills between parents and children, and for developing imagination and rhythmic skills. Ages Recommended for ages 0-8. Support If certain songs or stories cannot be viewed, there may have been an error when downloading the content. If the download/install button does not re-appear, please uninstall and then re-install this app. Customer Support info@forii. co. jpYouTube:
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