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Watch 100s of curated TV channels from around the world for free on your Android phone or tablet. Whether it is News, Music, Sports, Comedy, Documentaries - we've got it all. And yes, from India, Indonesia, USA, Thailand, South Africa, Brazil, Singapore etc. What's more, is you can instantly record and playback Singapore broadcast TV. The best part is InstantTV is designed to let you kick back and relax. You don't need to search for content - you flip channels and choose the one you love. We do the work - we painstakingly curate only the best content for you. But there's more - InstantTV gives you the flexibility of adding your very own channels through media center or Kodi compatible playlists. Check out the video and you will learn how easy it is to do. Yes, indeed it is a cord-cutters dream. To get the best out of InstantTV, get InstantTV Premium. Premium features. Enjoy a full-screen landscape viewing experience. Enjoy ad-free curated TV channels. Enjoy premium content. Get your monthly InstantTV Premium subscription through the app, by rotating it in landscape mode and making a selection. Charges will vary by country. You'll see the total price before completing payment. Do note that only the Singapore channels are recorded on RecordTV servers by consumers. For more information, please carefully read our terms of use. RecordTV has no relationship or affiliation with any of the broadcasters or content owners of the TV channels (including MediaCorp) mentioned here. Kindly note that this app collects personally identifiable information (PII). For more details, please read our privacy policy. If you are not comfortable with this, please do not use this app. Privacy policy: htmlTerms of use: htmlLove InstantTV? Like us on Facebook: us on Twitter:
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