Wolfify - Be a Werewolf

Wolfify. Become a werewolf. Transform any selfie into a growling, howling, snapping, snarling Werewolf. You will grow wolf fangs that are just as alluring as they are ferocious, get battle scars you can wear with pride, and grow facial hair that perfectly expresses your inner wolf. Hawooooo. HE/SHE-WOLF? Select either "He-Wolf" or "She-Wolf" forms, and progress from "Wolf Cub" to "Alpha Wolf" forms as you distinguish yourself from the pack. GROW YOUR PACK - Easily share PHOTOS via MMS, Instagram Facebook, Twitter, and Email. Who will YOU bite? JOIN US - @apptly on Instagram. WARNING: Don't use Wolfify in the MOONLIGHT. (just kidding. you'll be fine).
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