Love AMVs? Anime AMVs is just for you to get latest, hot AMVs of your favourite anime in single tap. Trending Battles astonishing music compilations, favourite sound tracks everything in one placeFeatures-All your favourite Anime AMV's at one PlaceFind Amv's by Major Arcs, Main Fights, Main Characters 6 Long Anime- Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, Bleach, Fairy Tail. 2 Short Anime- Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on TitanDirectly watch Anime Music Video (AMV) inside app. FAQ-Q- Failed to Initialize YouTube Player Help? A- Make sure you have latest YouTube app install in your phone. If not please download YouTube app from play store? Q- App not working properly or App Crash? A- Please inform through support email or reviews and BackWings Studio will try to resolve as soon as possible. More Anime will be Added Soon. Note- BackWings Studio doesn't own any materials or characters all the Images and Videos are fan made. All these Characters and Anime belongs to their copyrighted ownerSupport- If you find any bug or want to add your favourite anime in app, please feel free to email me (Look at bottom for developer email).
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