QuoteActions consist of over 500 motivational quotes with suggested actions to make the quotes come to life for the user. Instead of just passively reading a quotation, with a daily Quoteaction you are given a complimentary action to apply the inspirational message to your own life in real time. QuoteActions provide a welcome action-oriented brain boost. It's like refreshing your browser--awakens your thinking, jump starts and brightens your day. By doing the recommended action for the quote of the day, people find themselves making positive changes in their personal and business lives. It's funny how people share with us just how "perfect" the QuoteAction fit their current life situation. Just imagine having at your fingertips a quote with a suggested action to show a sign of affection to a loved one, or an action to write a "thank you" email to a friend. The combination of a quote by a famous person and an action to activate that person's inspiration to your life is truly innovative.
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