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Do you believe in reincarnation? If you really want to know what you were in a past life you don't need any magic or weird prophets or sorcerers, you can find out right away with What was I in my Past Life. Check out what animal best matches your personality using this absolutely fantastic test app. Is it going to be a cat? Were you as powerful as a tiger, or as loyal as a dog? Perhaps you were wise and cunning like a fox. Enough of guessing, all you need to do is enter your name and date of birth and the question what were you in your past life will be answered on spot. You will immediately get the results together with the message telling your virtues. The best prank test is just in front of you, download What was I in my Past Life and take your chances. What were you in your previous birth? Download the best past life test. Enter your name. Enter your birth date. Find out what member of the animal kingdom you were. Tell your friends about it. Have fun using this funny prank app. Are you wondering how to find out what animal you were in your past life? The answer lies right here, in our new free app for smartphones and tablets. If you like "animal games" and taking tests, What was I in my Past Life is perfect for your pastime. You can ask a question like who was I in my past life by name, or what I was in my past life by birth date, and it will give you the result in a matter of seconds. Strong like a lion, or gentle and compassionate like an elephant? Try entering your bff's data and let this "past life calculator" tell you if he or she was a chicken, bear, wolf or maybe as playful and lively as a monkey. The answers can easily make you laugh, so hurry up and download this hilarious "prank app" and have fun. Perform a past life analysis, and find out what were you in previous life, not with the use some animal quiz but with our What was I in my Past Life. A whole list of animal names forms a data base from which you will get the answer to the question "what animal was i in my past life". Do you think it is possible that we were once some other creatures and then reincarnated as ourselves? Can you help but wonder "what animal are you"? Since test games are very popular, you should hurry up and download this app and show to your friends the results. Vote and decide whether this is the "best app" you've ever installed. Whether you are cheerful or compassionate, independent or perhaps courageous, your name and the date of birth will tell. Quick, type them down, and discover what animal are you in your past life. Make fun at your party, let everyone take "what was i in my past life test" and see if there is anyone who matches your personality. Probably this animal past life test will make it easier to wear off the boredom of the face of earth, so why don't you take what is your spirit animal quiz and bring fun to your life. Read the lines which will tell you what were you like in your past life. If you don't like the answer about "my past life animal" try taking the what animal was I in my past life test again. Once you download this "who was I in my past life calculator" you will be able to use it over and over again, share it with the people around you and have an enormous amount of amusement with "What was I in my Past Life".
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