Radio Spain No Ads Android application is a payment radio stations Spain. Why the app Radio Spain No Ads created? Your servant and friend, the creator of this app "Radio Spain No Ads" has set itself the task of making truly accessible to all people in the world in any language and from any country where the option of listening to live radio are his country. Why is not free app Radio Spain No ads? Actually this app "Radio Spain No ads" is a faithful copy of a similar application called "Radio Online Spain" if you have ads. In this case ads help us overcome the costs of creation and maintenance of App. Besides radio stations, other functions have the app Radio Spain No ads? In the first version of Radio Online Spain, they have included: A selection of Top 20 Radio Stations Spain. A voice recorder. We found interesting this function, and will allow you to record your reminders or the lyrics of a song you like. Notes. Like the previous function, this helps you to save and keep within your app, notes about things you want to remember. Rate this App. I This feature will allow sending e-mails from within the same application, with your comments and suggestions. Puzzle or Puzzle. This is a very fun game with three difficulty levels. Each level rewards you with a greeting when you manage to assemble the puzzle. Page Who I Am. Perhaps you are like me in the sense that you like to know who you're dealing with. Here I stand very briefly. I hope that you like this application Radio Spain No ads. From your friendVictor M. Martinez Becerril
Operating System Android