We all can have a hard time making certain decisions. "Should I either do this or that? " is a question that we often ask ourselves. Well, you can stop worrying about it NOW. This handy app will be there when you have weighed your options and still can't decide which choice to make. Instead of hitting your head against the wall or arguing with friends while trying to decide if you should watch an action or comedy movie, buy the green or red dress, or have pizza or burgers you can let the touch of a finger decide for you. FEATURES: _ Simple_ Easy to navigate_ Fast loading_ Hundreds of decisions such as colors, cuisines, drinks, yes or no, keep or toss, fast foods and more. Decisions are broken into categories and can be organized alphabetically_ Searchable_ At the end of each decision category you get some decisions that are related to that categoryPlease take a moment and write a review and rate the app because your feedback is very important to us. Thank you.
Operating System Android