Change your voice to anything

''Change your voice" is the most advancep app yet for changing your voice by applying effects on the audios. just record your voice, apply the effect and then use it as a ringtone prank call your friends with it, and more. Features: Record audio and apply effect on it. View, edit the saved audios. Share the saved audios to your friends via bluetooth, or social networks. All the Recorded sounds are available to easily check on later. It has the following effects: NormalRobot (The best and authentic robotic effect among all voice change apps) ChipmunkHelium voiceChildOld manSexy woman (The sexiest girl sound ever) Cute girl35 Years LadyMartianChorusForeignerNervousDrunkValleyChurchTelephoneUnderwaterTwisted tongueDuckCreepy movieDevilAlienGiantFanBig AlienYou can also apply the listed effects for multiple times to generate tons of different effects for your voices.
Operating System Android