Girl voice changer is an great and smart mobile application that changes voices in to different teen girl voice, kids, and older women voice. Girl voice changer is an great entertainment app to have fun while you are in group of friends, party or somewhere else. There is a record button in Girl voice changer application you have to press the record button then record your voice and convert your voice into girl voice. You can change the voice into different ages of girl. Special Features Girl voice changer1. Baby voice. 2. 10 year girl voice 3. 16 year girl voice. 4. 24 year girl voice. 5. 35 year women voice and 35 year men voice. 6. Girl high pitch tone/ Boy high pitch tone. 7. Girl low pitch tone/ Boy low pitch tone. Note: Download now this smart app Girl Voice Changer. Its totally free and ads supported.
Operating System Android