This App turns your device into a realistic set of glow sticks choose from 8 common colors. Easy to use select your color then tap and shake to activate just like a real glow stick. Won't shut off when your phone sleeps allowing you any maximum amount of time you choose. Special effects buttons for pulsing, flashing and multi-colors. Brightness controls to adjust your glow sticks. Features: Special effects buttons; Realistic looking glow sticks; 8 common colors to choose from; Designed for Smartphone's and Tablets; Will not timeout when phone sleeps; Brightness controls; Auto rotate screen portrait mode. Use anywhere at parties, concerts and birthdays, dance clubs, festivals and celebrations. Glow sticks are great toys to keep kids entertained and can be used as a light also. This app is environmentally friendly no bad chemicals or potential mess from a broken real glowstick and less trash for our planet.
Operating System Android