EAS Simulator Pro

Ever wanted to simulate a natural disaster, a nuclear war or a zombie apocalypse? Now you can use your Android device to create and play realistic-looking mock Emergency Alert System (formerly known as Emergency Broadcast System) messages. 1500+ PURCHASES & REACHED THE TOP NEW PAID AND TOP PAID ANDROID APPS CHART. Thank you all for the useful feedback and acclaim. EAS SIMULATOR PRO FEATURES: No ads. Full access to the Emergency Alert System alert editor to create and save your own custom alerts without limitations. Plays realistic EAS alerts. Schedule an alert to play at a given time (even if the device is locked). Ideal for drills, pranks or role-playing. Comes loaded with a all the pre-defined alerts, featuring real-life natural disasters (e.g. flash flood in New Jersey, tornado in Oklahoma. ) and also some thrilling fictional emergency scenarios including a North Korean nuclear attack, an unidentified nuclear strike in New York, zombie virus pandemics and others inspired by famous video-games and movies. THE ALERTS: Backgrounds similar to the ones used on TV alerts (black, color bars, intermission screens, etc. ). Static or blinking texts. Scrolling texts (news-ticker like). SAME headers (the beeping and buzzing sounds heard in the beginning of the alerts). Attention signal (single/combined frequency and tornado siren). Voice message generated by your device's Text to Speech engine (TTS). End of Message (EOM) sound. NOTES: It's important that you're satisfied with your purchase, so before buying EAS Simulator Pro consider trying the Free version first and see if the EAS creator features work well in your device. Voice messages are not generated by EAS Simulator. Instead, the app uses your phone/tablet's built-in Text to Speech engine, if it has any. If your device doesn't have a TTS engine installed, the voice messages will not play, but everything else in the alerts will. The Google Play store has plenty of TTS engines and voices (both Free and Paid) you can use. If you want to use different voices in your alerts, you need to download and install a different TTS engine on your device and set it as the default. Sadly, it's not possible to share/export the alerts as videos for technical reasons and I'm aware that is a very desired feature. Some users managed to record the footage on a PC using dedicated software and others used screen recording apps that can be found on the store. KNOWN ISSUES: Users with U. S. models of Samsung Galaxy S4 devices running Android 4. 2. 2 reported that the Custom Attention Signal feature may produce some clicking noises instead of the actual tone. This is a firmware-related problem with tone generation which unfortunately has to be fixed by Samsung with an update. Affected devices can use the Default Attention Signals (fixed frequencies and duration) without any problems though. If you find any other problems feel free to e-mail the developer. PERMISSIONS: Prevent device from sleeping: To make sure that the screen doesn't turn off due to inactivity while playing a EAS message.
Price USD 1.99
License Purchase
Version 1.4.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements None