PW372 Radio Stack FSX P3D FS9

Phawary's Radio Stack for Flight Simulation is very realistic and is much closer to what could be a electro mechanical system simulationThe Radio Stack is the ultimate training device for pilots and flight simulator enthusiasts. The PW372, has a gesture and graphical interface as closest as possible with touch screen tecnology to real aircraft radio console. Requirements: PWFServer 3. 2 FSUIPC version (Update your FSUIPC to 4. 9 or earlier version) Prepar3D, FS9 & FSX compatible Special Hold Features (ALT, HDG, SPD, long touch) Download from: it, agree permisions (VERY IMPORTANT. Allow communication on FIREWALL) and wait few seconds. Windows will probably ask about allowing this software to access the network and receive incoming connections, you need to allow that in order to receive the connection from App. If Windows don't ask this or if you have another firewall software please make sure PWServer or PWFServer is allowed on your firewall list. Change port number only if necessary (server and clients must have the same port numberStart FSXConnect from Android device. Functions: Com1, Com2, Nav1, Nav2, ADF, Transponder-ATC mode (control the atc window from device) -New Autopilot layout (optimized for FS Standard aircraft) -Long press ALT AP button for Altitude Hold mode-Long press HDG AP button for Heading Hold function-Landing Gears indicator-Landing Gears control-Flaps position indicator-Flaps control Indicator-Trim Indicator-Spoilers Indicators (Armed and extended) FSUIPC FSX and P3D download: (Updated VERSION) http://fsuipc. zipFSUIPC Fs9 (Updated VERSION) http://fsuipc. zip.
Operating System Android