Steam Train, Diesel Train, Locomotives, Railroad Sounds, Train Sound Effects, Educational InformationSteam Whistles, Diesel Horns, Boiler, Steam Engine, Model Railroad, Train LayoutRailroad Companion is a collection of train sound effects (including steam, diesel and line side railroad sounds) for use as an educational tool, for adding controllable sounds to a train layout, or purely for pleasure and fun. Also included are an explanation of whistle signals, a locomotive wheel arrangement guide (Whyte Classification System), and freight car and track classifications. A handy reference when visiting a tourist railroad or rail-fanning. Now includes a "Random Mode" for playing random sounds as background and the ability to set sounds as ringtones and notification tones. Connect your phone to some speakers (and a sub-woofer. ) under your train layout and use the phone as a handy sound control panel. Complete train sound effects for your layout "on the cheap". Fun for model railroad clubs too. NO AD BANNERS OR VIDEOS. Only a small fee.
Operating System Android