The Paracord application is designed to help you make your own bracelet. Through photo's and short descriptions. You will control the Paracord tie technique in no- time. What can you expect from the application: There will be an update on regular basis. You will find a extensive explanation of the Paracord material. The application is very easy to use. There is a lot of diversity to tie different Paracord bracelets. There is a variaty in the diffecultie of the different tie techniques. It is very easy to post your own created Paracord bracelet online. You can do this by pressing on the share button at the end of every tutorial. You can select your own channel to publishe your foto. There is an apportonity to rate the tie technique at the end of every tutorial. You can do this once to inform other users about your satisfaction. We hope you will enjoy your paracord bracelets.
Operating System Android