This app can be used with Bicycle cards to give the illusion of a card in your phone. Please do not purchase this app unless you are a magician with at least the following skills: The riffle force (or other preferred card forcing method) - False shuffle or cut - The Leg Turnover (or other preferred top card turn other method) Features: 5 image categories (Playing cards, coins, lighters, sponge balls and pens) - 3 card backs; Blue and red back bicycle cards + Tally-Ho red back - 5 card designs (6H, KC, QD, JS and KD) - 3 coin designs (One Quarter Dollar back and front, 2 pound UK) - 8 Bic lighter colours - 5 Sponge ball colours - 2 Bic pen lid colours - One or two stage reveal - 4 Revelation actions (cover proximity/light, Back Button and Shake) Please note that some actions require specific phone sensors. 3 positioning options (Fixed, Tilting phone or moving with a magnet) - 3 exit modes (drag off screen, tip off screen or shake) - Multiple sizes (percentage of screen size in multiples of 5) - Invisible widget for previous setting easy start-upInstructions: Pre-trick step 1. Setup card back design and face (say the six of hearts) and cover proximity sensor as revealPre-trick step 2. Press GOPre-trick step 3. Place the phone on the tableTrick step 1. Force the six of hearts on the spectatorTrick step 2. Return the card to the top of the deckTrick step 3. False shuffle/cut the deck controlling the six of hearts to the top of the deckTrick step 4. Drop the cards face down on to the phone, be sure to cover the proximity sensor at this point. Trick step 5. Pick up the cards showing the face down card inside the phone (be sure not to re-cover the proximity sensor) Trick step 6. While showing the card in the phone secretly perform the Leg Turnover to turn the six of hearts face up on the top of the deck and keep a finger break under it. Trick step 7. Bring the phone to the cards, being sure not to flash the face up six of hearts, place the cards behind the phone. Trick step 8. Ask the spectator to wave their hand over the phone, this will reveal the six of hearts. Let this sink in and explain that their card is in the phone. Trick step 9. Place your thumb on the six of hearts in the phone, and your fingers behind the phone grasping the face up six of hearts and proceed to pull the card from the phone and hand it to them. This is my favourite performance using this app.
Operating System Android