Download MY RINGTONE MAKER the #1 ringtone maker app. d CONVERT YOUR FAVORITE SONGS INTO RINGTONESd PLUS, RECORD YOUR OWN ORIGINAL RINGTONES d ITS EASY TO MAKE YOUR OWN ALARM TONES, CALLER ID TONES, and TEXT TONESSIMPLE TO USEPick your favorite songs from your music library. Choose the starting point and ending point and click save - and that's it. Supports extra long 30 second ringtones. RECORD YOUR OWN RINGTONES Record anything and make a ringtone. Record your friends, kids, parents, funny TV or Movie Quotes. You can now record anything to make a ringtone or alarm tone, notification tone, or caller ID tone. CREATE A RINGTONE FOR EACH CALLERWant to have a different ringtone for each friend in your phonebook so you can hear who is calling? Don't worry about reaching into your pocket or purse to see who is calling anymore. MAKE RINGTONES FOR FRIENDS Make a ringtone for Mom, Dad, your friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife. Your friends will thank you for creating ringtones from their favorite songs. CREATE AS MANY AS YOU WANT - NO LIMITS, NO SUBSCRIPTION FEES.
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