Torah Knights Comics Features Actions Heroes that are summoned to battle against the evil forces of Karkase. These Special Task Forces are called Katalambano, Quadrozoidz, Trapazonians, and Pentagonians. The Torah Knights also has two secret underground forces called the Alleghenians and Boudinots. Torah Knights also features the Bronze Zoo. The Story is about an African American Scientist name Dr. Ziegler retired from the Federal Government and relocated back to his home town Lincoln City one of the world's most historical cities. He comes out of retirement after a few months and is hired to work in a lab at the Bronze Zoo to create a serum to strengthen the animal's immune system from becoming sick. Dr. Ziegler teams up with a few other scientists and develop a serum with a secret ingredient that causes both himself, his team of scientists, and a few others to become mutated supernatural human beings. They also inherit supernatural powers. Some become allies with Dr. Ziegler and other choose to do evil with their special powers. The Bronze Zoo.
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