CINEVEO - VR Drive-in Cinema

CINEVEO's 1960s Drive-in Movie Theater (Full Version) Get ready to be "literally" teleported back to the 1960s and visit one of the famous Drive-in Movie Theaters of that era, to watch your own 2D & 3D videos in virtual reality. You get to do all that, sitting inside an ultra-detailed 1958 Buick convertible car. In pearl white, with red interior. Enjoy. SPECIAL FEATURES. Ultra-detailed 1960's Drive-in Movie Theater setting. Watch movies sitting inside a classic 1958 Buick convertible car with mind-blowing detail. Customize the size and shape of the cinema screen. Animated air traffic. Vertigo effect."All funds generated through sales will go towards the further development of CINEVEO. Thank you for your support.". WHAT YOU GET. The ultimate VR Cinema experience available for Android. Two VR Cinema themes (1960 Drive-in Movie Theater and The Void). No drift. Option to turn off horizontal head tracking to eliminate drift 100%. Innovative "Hands-Free" controls and floating 3D interfaces. Advanced dynamic lighting. Switch between curved and flat cinema screen. Customize the size of the cinema screen. 2D and 3D movie support (SBS Side by Side and Over / Under). Supported video formats (AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV). Supported audio formats (AAC, Vorbis, Opus). Movie subtitle support for any language (SRT format). 2D and VR file browser to select and play video files from internal and external SD cards. USB OTG support. Support for any display size (4 - 6 inches) and IPD (50 - 70mm). Innovative VR Setup Zone for real-time display size and IPD setup to match any device. and much more. Inspired by the 1960's drive-in cinemas that were all the rage throughout the United States, CINEVEO's 1960 Drive-in Movie Theater is the most detailed and immersive VR cinema environment ever created for mobile virtual reality. The 1960 Drive-In Movie Theater comes with the same great features as CINEVEO's 4D Movie Theater. However, this time you get to watch your movies in your personal drive-in movie theater, located on a vast hill overseeing the Los Angeles city skyline at night. You get to sit inside an ultra-detailed 1958 Buick convertible car that looks so realistic, it will leave you speechless and wondering how this can even be possible on a mobile device. Look behind and you will spot a road-side diner with restroom building, projector tower and neon theater billboard. Search the sky long enough and you will spot classic Douglas DC airplanes flying over the city. Note: Before you purchase the 1960 Drive-In Movie Theater, we advise you try the free CINEVEO 4D Movie Theater first, to test if your Android device is compatible. CINEVEO - INSTRUCTIONS htmlCINEVEO - WEBSITE MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS. Device: Samsung Note 4 / 5, S6, S7 (Best performance and visual quality). Screen Size: 4 to 6 inches (OLED display full HD 1080. 1920 or higher). CPU: Quad-core 1, 6 GHz or higher. Motion Sensors: Accelerometer, gyroscope. Android Version: 5. 0 or higher. VR Headset: We recommend Homido or ZEISS VR One. Network: WiFi or mobile internet is required to pass the app's license validation during launch.
Operating System Android