Pro Mega Mills gives you the quick and access to the latest US Mega Millions lottery results. You will enjoy the following features by using this app: Get latest Mega Millions draw results- Calculate frequency and ranks of all the Mega Millions digits (0-55) - Calculate frequency and ranks for the red ball separately- Calculate frequency and ranks from user input- Show your lucky NumberRanks and frequency has been the secret to playing and winning more when it comes to the Mega Million game. Our app is based on a 10 draw rank and frequency system. Basically 10 to 15 ranks don't even show up in 10 draws. So imagine eliminating 10 to 15 and sometimes up to 20 ranks. Most of the time ranks 1 to 25 comes out the most based on a 10 draw frequency & rank system. You also can use the rank calculator for back testing. for the best results do 50 draws or more back test.
Operating System Android