When you are first getting to know someone, the answers to your questions help you decide whether or not you want to continue spending time together. For longer-term couples, staying curious about one another is one of the best ways to keep that spark alive. Remember those late night talks, those 3-hour phone conversations, that insatiable desire to know everything there was to know about your loved one? When's the last time you asked your partner a question about what he or she thinks about something personal and intimate, just because? This is much more than an app, it's an invitation to connect. Is there someone to whom you want to feel more connected? Think of it like Wheaties for your relationship. Improve your social networking by generating great conversations with great questions. Let Just Ask. do the work - forward questions to Facebook or Twitter. Or email or text them to friends and loved ones. The best getting to know you app for the seriously curious, for love or friends.
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