Shuffleboard Score Tracker

So you're at the bar and decide that this is the night you're going to show your mad shuffleboard skills to your new lady friend. You pair up, trade your fake ID for the pucks at the bar and get to the table. Only to realize that the electronics of the table score keeper have been shorted out by someone's vomit as far back as anyone who works at the bar can remember (or you are too cheap to pay the table to keep score for you). Not to worry. There's an app for that. Release notes 2. 35. score sizes. Max limiters and default size values changed to utilize more of the screenInitial directions are now passive popup instead of active dialogue with confirmation. Release notes 2. 34. Interface. Score size is now by default larger than before and utilizes more of the available space. The score size and can be changed to a smaller size if desired in settings. Crash Detection. App will now report crashes back to me if they occur. It requires a new internet permission to do so. Release notes 2. 33. Controls. Swipe up to add points and swipe down to remove point. You can swipe anywhere on the "wood" surface. You can also tap the directly scores to increment them. Orientation handling. In settings you can now change to static horizontal, vertical or automatic (Default). Customizable score color. The left and right scores and be changed to red, blue, green, cyan or yellow to match different colored pucks or score a different game entirely. To to list for upcoming versions-allow score re-size through settings, hopefully with a full screen option. look into supporting chromecast so this app can broadcast to a tv with the $35 chromecast device on it's hdmi port. improve icons.
Operating System Android