My Secret Spies(Voltage Max)

You can enjoy the prologue and first chapter of each character's route for free! My Secret Spies is a completely original story! What secrets were hidden by your father who should have been long dead?!You are the heroine! You take on the role of the heroine and experience a romantic drama with the special police protecting you!SynopsisYou were living an ordinary life.Assassins suddenly appear in front of you and declare that you are the daughter of the Werewolf.Werewolf is merely a codename referring to the legendary conman who obliterated the two strongest mafia groups. There is no one in the underworld who doesnt know of him.You were targeted with the intention of making you the bait to lure out the legendary Werewolf.Four handsome special police show up in front of you.Is the Werewolf truly your dead father? Can the special police succeed in protecting you?This is a romantic suspense drama following the tale of finding out the hidden secrets about your supposedly dead father!CharactersEgotistical Private SpyKou AyaseHeight: 182cm (6) Age: 27Ill accept your love as payment.Per Takashis request, Kou snuck into your company as a potential candidate for management.He says he will help you in return for a romantic relationship with you.At first it was only a trifling romantic relationship, but with time your feelings start to changeCalm and Collected Special InvestigatorWataru KiryuHeight: 183cm (6) Age: 26A trade You, yourself, will be the payment though.His life was once saved by your father, Eito.He is determined to put his life on the line to save you, Eitos daughter, which is why he came to Japan.At first, he serves as your special police protection out of a sense of obligation, butFrivolous and Legendary Bounty HunterNaoto TenjinHeight: 178cm (58) Age: 28I dont need your money, but I might come to desire you at some point.At first glance he may seem like an easy-going person, but he is actually quite thoughtful. He has the ability to calmly analyze any situation and give the best judgment.He approached you for the bounty on your head, but his feelings gradually change since you resemble his younger sister.Cool and Sadistic DetectiveTakashi HoraiHeight: 179cm (59) Age: 31If you seriously want me to help, Ill do it. But Im billing you for it.He is a cool and sadistic detective who also works as an informant.He often works in pair with Kou and they both trust each other.He has been pursuing Umeda for a long time and will do anything to arrest him.At first, he finds the heroine to be unpleasant, but he is gradually drawn to her strong willYou can choose from a variety of characters based on your preferences!...Who will you fall in love with? Recommended if you My Secret Spies is recommended for you ifYou like movies, dramas, manga, anime, or novels that are about romanceYou're interested in romance games but dislike how nerd-centric they can be...You like romance games, love games, girl games, or romance/drama apps.You like entertainment and fiction.You like Japanese contentAside from what's on this list, there is a lot of content for all women to enjoy!! About GENIUS, developers of this app GENIUS is a company that designs, develops, and sells "App Dramas", story-based content that can be casually enjoyed on smartphones. Their mission is to produce App Dramas in various different genres and turn this new form of entertainment into another form of art in line with manga and anime.We will continue to distribute high quality content in English, and hope that you'll look forward to it.Recent changes:Content rating: Low Maturity
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Operating System Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.