My Wedding and 7 Rings

Apps will not run on Android 5.0. & 5.1. Please refrain from updating your device.From the massively popular My Forged Wedding comes a brand new game! All new setting and all new characters, with some returning faces as well!Who will be next to you at the altar this time...? StoryYou were just a typical officer worker dreaming of a happy marriage.Now the company's alpha males are proposing to you...?!Each tries to seduce you, all sharing one goal...Marry you... to become CEO!"I don't want a loveless marriage!"Or so you thought...The machinations of fate underlie this wedding game!The rules of the game say you must become engaged to and live with one high-level executive at your company.What happens when he gets you alone in a conference room and the suit jacket comes off?!Or when you wake up in the same bed together at home?"We're going to be married, so who cares?"Plus, the advances of the other executives don't stop coming... Every day is filled with sweet temptations. Character ProfilesAsahi Kakyouin: The Ultimate EgotistSelf-Centered Rich SnobHe whisks you off to parties and his high-handed behavior leaves you reeling.He's the biggest jerk you've ever met, until you glimpse another side of him..."A woman who doesn't want my love... You're an odd one."Yamato Kougami: The Wicked HeroTeasing Senior from High SchoolHe has a wicked tongue, but the truth is he's always taken care of you.But your former upperclassman in high school has been hiding something from you for years..."Don't lay a finger on her. She's important to me."Junta Nikaido: The Poker-faced ImpClever Whiz KidHe worries about you, he compliments you... He cares for you, that much you're sure of. But is there another side to him...?"Would you believe me if I said it was love at first sight?"And many more hot grooms to come!Who will you choose to marry...?!About the AppClear the Secret Achievements in the main story to unlock Secret Stories!Depending on your choices, you can unlock special stories jam-packed with his secret fantasies and fetishes!Recent changes:Bug Fixed.Content rating: Medium Maturity
File Size44.63 MB
Operating System Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.