Click on the "open-folder" icon (the left top icon on the first image) to select a video clip from the local storage on your android phone, after the video clip is selected, it will play. Or click on the "search" icon (the second icon from the left top on the first image) to search for a video clip from After the video clip is selected. Press the menu button to show menu (as shown on the 5th image), then click the "download" icon from the menu todownload the video clip to your android device. An alternative to initiate the downloading is to long press the video page.After the video clip is selected from or download to your android device, the video clip will play. While the video clip is playing, touch the video to mark the beginning and touch again to mark the ending of the extract. You can always re-mark the two ends of the extract by re-touching the playing video. After both ends of the extract are marked, press "GIF" button (the 3rd icon from the left top on the first image) to create GIF animation, and LONG press "GIF" button to show more options on a menu with the following items: "Select a Face to Swap", "Mask", "Reflection", "Saturation Filter", "Hue Filter" , "Snow Effect", "Black Filter", "Flea Effect", "Boost Effect", "Engrave Effect", "Emboss Effect", "Contrast", "Gamma Filter", "Inversion", "Sharpen", "Vertical Flip" (of which the effect is as the 6th image shown) Select one of the item to create an animated GIF from the marked video extract with the selected effect. After the GIF is created, there will be a "share" button shown up for you to share the newly created animated GIF file with a variety of communication tools such as dropbox, email, Google Drive, Google+, Google Hangouts, picasa, Messaging, wechat, etc.Content rating: Everyone
File Size390.09 kB
Operating System Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.