Turntable.fm is part music-streaming service, part chat room, and part election. Users create a DJ avatar and enter one of many rooms where they can interact with people of similar musical taste. Five DJ slots are open for people to take their stab at sharing a song from their playlist. Unlike other streaming music apps on the web, users in Turntable.fm all listen to the same track at once, allowing them to comment or "politely" express their disapproval all in real time. Users can also actively vote if the song is "Awesome" or "Lame". DJs earn points for every vote, which in turn can be used to upgrade their avatars with newer costumes. If enough people vote positively, the on-stage DJ racks up points and users will be treated to a full house of head-banging avatars; enough "Lame" votes will force the current track to be skipped. Currently, Turntable.fm is still in its beta stages, so expect to see some bugs here and there. Log on to see if you're friends with a Turntable member and join the social music experience.
Operating System Webware