This app requires the iWavit Premium Product. The iWavit is an Apple certified Accessory which adds new hardware capabilities to the iPod touch, iPhone or iPad. See for more details. The "iWavit Netflix" app turns the iPhone (or iPad or iPod touch) into an RF Remote for controlling Netflix on a Mac or PC. You can now lean back in your couch and have full control of your viewing experience. With this app, your iPhone has just become a virtual metaphor for the following devices:1. RF Remote Control for Netflix2. DirectPointing 3D Air Mouse3. Wireless USB Keyboard4. RF Microphone5. Universal IR Remote control.And the best thing is that it is all Plug and Play. There is no PC or Mac software installation required, and no WIFI networks are needed. You will be able to pause, play, skip, rewind your Netflix movies from more than 300 ft away. You will also be able to freely browse through the online Netflix website on your large screen TV thanks to iWavit's patented optical tracking technology. Just point and click the online movie selection on your big screen TV. With the DirectPointing 3D Mouse, "where you point your iPhone is where the cursor will appear" - there is no drift over time, and no need for repeatedly re-centering or re-calibrating the motion (as is the case for Gyro-based mice). With this app and the iWavit Accessory you will also be able to talk to your computer via the wireless microphone built into the iWavit. This app also doubles as wireless USB keyboard. Now you bring up a virtual keyboard on your iPhone so you can search through online movies without cluttering your living-room with a large USB keyboard.What about your TV and Home Theater System? You can control those as well. The iWavit includes hardware to be able to act like a Universal IR Learning Remote so you can control almost any IR equipment like TVs, DVD players and so on. This app brings you full control of your Netflix viewing experience. Now, you really don't need to get off the couch. SIMPLE SETUP:1. Insert the iWavit USB Dongle into the Mac or PC you wish to control. 2. The IR Lightbar, which is attached to the USB dongle, should be placed right under or above the TV screen.3. Plug the iWavit attachment into the iPhone/iPod touch and you will hear a sound indicating that the iWavit has paired successfully with the iPhone. You are now ready to control your Netflix. The iWavit will communicate wirelessly with the USB dongle up to 300 ft away (100 meters) and will use the IR Lightbar for the patented Absolute Pointing and 3D Tracking. This "iWavit Netflix" app is part of a family of iWavit Virtual Remotes for Major-Brand electronic devices and Computers. For those who wish to create their own custom Remote Controls, we have created the Ultimate Remote Control app called Tabula Rasa (and Tabula Rasa HD for the iPad). With this app you can create remotes, download remotes, upload remotes to share them, search the IR database or learn IR codes directly from your old IR remotes. You can even create macros for embedding multiple functions inside a single button. You can also use the app to control PCs/Macs using USB Keyboard strokes or through the patented DirectPointing air-mouse technology built into the iWavit. You can even take pictures of real remotes and virtualize them by overlaying transparent buttons. This is the ultimate app if you want to create your own remote control masterpiece. And when you do, you can share it online with the rest of the world.
File Size7.46 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later. iTunes account required