BIG BUTTONS HD gives you over 130 individual buttons to choose from! Every button is high quality, contains the loudest audio, animates, and even has it's own background image! Supports ALL versions of iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Looks incredible on the new Phone 4!!! * Over 130 HD BUTTONS! * Super HIGH QUALITY Button Images * LOUDEST and Highest Quality Sounds * ANIMATIONS of Buttons when Pressed * Most REQUESTED Sounds * LARGEST and BIGGEST Buttons out there * BONUS - Press Button or even "FLICK" iPhone to Activate! Uses Accelerometer! * Different BACKGROUND for EVERY Button * Just Swipe to go to Next Screen Includes all of the following BIG buttons: Access Denied, Ahh Crap, Ahnuld, April Fools, Barf, Get in my Belly, Bing, Bite Me, Blah Blah Blah, Bomb, Scary Boo, Boos, Bowling, Burp, Call You Tomorrow, Car Alarm, Car Horn, Cat, Chainsaw, Channel Surfing, Cougar, Cow, Cymbals, Dog, Dog Whistle, Door, Drilling, Drumroll, Electricity, Elements, Epic Fail, Excellent, Fatality, Fire, Firetruck, FistBump, Frog, Gag Me, Game, Gargle, Gay, Get A Life, Giggity, Girl, Gong, Grenade, Gross, Gun, Heat Vision, Helicopter, Hello, Holla, Holy Crap, Horse, Hyptnotize, Intruder Alert, It's a Trap, Laugh, Laughing, Locust, Loser, M16, Meep Meep!, Monkey, Motorcycle, Move It, Nice Beaver, No, Nothings Wrong, Oh Baby, Oh Yeah, Oh Please, Oh Snap, OMG, Ohh La La, Ooohhh, Pathetic, Phone, Plane, Plasma, Play A Game, Police Siren, Punch, Pwned!, Rap Beat, Retarded, Robot, Saw, Scream, Shaving, Shuriken, Slash, Snore, Snot, Spit, Spring, Suck It, That is so Hot, That was Easy, Tip Toe, Toilet, Tommy Gun, Totally Awesome, Touche, Transport, TWSS, UZI, VoulezBeaCoup, Wasted, Wee, What, What!, Whachaootalkinabout, Whatever, What is That, Whip, Wolf, WTF, Yes, Yo Mama, You are so clueless, You have got to be kidding, You Lose, You're Fired, You Suck. Download Today! Fox Dragon Design LLC is not responsible for the use of this application once it is in the hands of the end user.
Price USD0.99
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File Size 18.96 MB
Version v1
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later. iTunes account required