EMF meter and ITC deviceThis multi function application Not just emf but a useful tool for paranormal investigations with Digital read Out, LED Visual Cues and Human speechThe App is Dimly lite it is designed for use in the Dark!====================================This App Requires a 3GS iPhoneThis App Requires a 3GS iPhoneThis App Requires a 3GS iPhoneRelease Version 1.0===================================emFX was created by Digital Dowsing llc,.Using the 3 axis magnetometer in the iPhone 3GS emFX has several functions.The Main display show the current EM value in nano Tesla or milligauss. The main display also shows the Minimum, Averageand Maximum values. The Mode Selector allows switches between nano Tesla, milligauss orYes / NO ITC Mode. ITC Yes/No mode talks ! An average value is calculated. if the sampled value is greater then the average by the selected % the Word yes is spoken.If the sampled value is less then the average by the selected % the Word No is spoken.Words will only be spoken when the level returns to the average for a few secondsbefore going higher or lower.Axis selector allow 3 axis in a RMS averaging or Single Axis Single Axis the highest absolute value of the three axis will be used.In milligauss mode the LED's also light with the same scale as several popular EMF meter used for paranormal investigation.Note The led scale changes in the nano Tesla range. 1 milligauss = 100 nano Tesla For More help Click on the small D icon in the lower left hand corner of the app it will take you to the emFX website where you'll find more documentation. This device uses a 3 axis magnitometerit is not a tri-field meter. This application is designed for Paranormal Investigation. For Complete Details Visit www.digitaldowsing.comCopyright 2010 Digital Dowsing llc,
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System Requirements Compatible with iPhone 3GS and iPad., Requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later., iTunes account required