FREE! Touch trigger 52 REAL Hollywood sound effects (licensed from a major film studio) of kicks, punches, smashes, screams, wrestles, slaps, cracks & flesh ripping audio delights simultaneously! Old school KungFu style graphics mixed with audio inter-actability... cool... WANT MORE? Upgrade to the PRO version and get all 145+ FX and the awesome slow-motion audio mode!"Sound" like a martial arts master, with the all new KungFu FX generator! Hhhhiiiiiii.... yaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr!An interactive retro style drum & bass backing track also helps build up further tension, as you KungFu FX. KungFu FX is not a game, but a way of fast-tracking yourself as a pretend Hong Kong sound FX foley* artist, in the comfort of your own home, on the street or at the office.Have fun with the awesome KungFu FX on your own... but have even more fun using it with your friends. While they bust some of their best Kung Fu moves on each other, you take control of the KungFu FX and play real-time sound effects in sync with what you see. Highly addictive fun as you & your friends KungFu showdown to true Hollywood style audio FX. For full effect, we recommend you plug KungFu FX into your stereo and play LOUD. Wicked!KUNGFU FX LITE [52 FX] 11 x screaming FX (yells, screams & cries etc) 6 x heavy punching FX 6 x smashing FX (through wood, glass & metal etc) 6 x falling FX (onto dirt, leaves, metal & wood etc) 6 x whooshing & near misses FX 4 x head slapping FX 2 x flesh ripping FX 3 x nasty kicking FX 4 x bass loops 4 x drum loops NO Slow-motion audio mode Admob AdvertisingKUNGFU FX PRO [145 FX!] 35 x screaming FX (yells, screams & cries etc) 20 x heavy punching FX 15 x smashing FX (through wood, glass & metal etc) 16 x falling FX (onto dirt, leaves, metal & wood etc) 15 x power punching FX (useful for those killer moves) 15 x whooshing & near misses FX 4 x head slapping FX 4 x flesh ripping FX 5 x nasty kicking FX Optional music tracks: 8 x bass loops 8 x drum loops Slow-motion audio mode! NO Admob AdvertisingFEATURES 7 x independent touch zones (ie. audio sample variations grouped by punch, power punch, kick, wrestle, smash & miss/whoosh) on each fighters side (so 14 zones in total), with the ability to trigger all 14 touch zones simultaneously, if you so desire, Quality sound effects, licensed from a major movie production studio, Super efficient audio engine, for almost instant sound FX playback response for those ultra quick punches. Funky old school style graphical interface & simple to use, Accelerometer used to trigger screaming FX (tilt up and down), Player 1 vs Player 2 score. Keep track of which friend may be winning the KungFu challenge, Backing drum & bass tracks (independently controllable; Bass On/Off/Loop & Drum On/Off/Loop), Cool slow motion audio mode [PRO only] Free future updates.From the makers of the incredible Galactic FX, Amazing X-Ray FX, Food Additives & Baby Babble. * This app is intended for personal, entertainment use only.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 8.77 MB
Version 1.5
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad., Requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later., iTunes account required