Snowflake Suite for Windows 7

Snowflake Suite for Windows 7 functions as a layer on top of Microsoft's operating system, enriching the multi-touch capabilities. Compatible with: * NextWindow platforms like HP TouchSmart IQ500, IQ770, IQ800 series and the Dell Studio One (all 2 touch) * N-trig platforms like HP TouchSmart TX2, Dell Latitude XT/XT2 and others * 3M Touch Systems multi-touch kit * Lumio platforms * dreaMTouch * PQ Labs * Wacom Snowflake Suite for Windows 7 features: * Detailed user manual included with FAQ * Developed on fast and reliable C++ platform * Intuitive * Customizable backgrounds, logo's, images, 3d models, videos etc * Gesture recognition library * TUIO / OSC (Open Sound Control) support (sending and receiving events) * Low level API * Hardware accelerated rendering * Support for wide variety of media types (jpg,jpeg,tga,png,dds,gif,tif, tiff, bmp,mov,avi,wav,ogg) * Advanced window handler that supports scaling and rotation * Audio support * Multi-threaded resource handler (For fast data visualization)
Price USD 0
License Free to try
File Size 165.12 MB
Version 1.9
Operating System Windows, Windows 7
System Requirements Dual Core 2.2GHz CPU, 2GB memory (4GB is preferable), All Windows 7 certified graphic cards, 3M Touch Systems, N-trig, dreaMTouch, PQ Labs, Lumio or Nextwindow hardware