AAA i-Gun Pro for iPhone

With AAA i-Gun Pro for iPhone simulate a fire fight with your friends. Guns included are P90, AK-47, MP5, XM1014, M3 Super 90 Combat, Steyr TMP, Beretta Elite, glock 18, Desert Eagle, Steyr Scout Sniper Rifle, Steyr AUG, Arctic Warfare Magnum/P, Five seveN, G3/SG-1 Sniper Rifle, FN M249, M4A1, Mac10, Sig p228, FN P90, Sig 550, SSG552 Commando, UMP45, and USP.
File Size4.58 MB
Operating System iPhone OS 4.x iPhone OS 3.x iOS
System RequirementsRequires iPhone OS 3.0